Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Norma O'Malley - Same tame Gazelle
With Moths - Jealousy
Birth Glow - Too Slow/Too Late
Hoopla - No Fear
The Damned Evangelist - The Day the earth stood still
Onanon - Your Days are numbered
Peter Gutteridge - chinese garden
batrider - womble
TFF- Tornado Paul
Soulseller - Year of the Dog
Big Flip the massive - I go go Gadget for the silly team riders
Conniption - yuppie Crusher
Tape Man - Kaikora UFO
Seth Frightening - Coming Clean
Minisnap - Innocence
Hawaii five 0 - speed of weed
Marie and the atoms - isol
Toy Love - Sheep
Disasteradio - bombscene
Robert Scott - Laid to rest
Mestar - Silversong
Surfin' USSR - Romanian Drinking Song
Pumice - Ridge
Snapper - Dead Pictures
The Coolies - Dance
Die Die Die - La La La
The Ruby Suns - Cranberry
The Datsuns - Blacken my thumb
Black Pudding - Human Man
Mechano - with our hands
Crude - Blackened, Deadend keys
The Renderers - A Touch of Evil
Raggamuffin Children - More of Me

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