Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hosts from shows past.

Sheep Technique hosts through history.

I thought I might write a little something about the hosts the Sheep Technique has had through its history. I know there's a lot well beyond the 7 years I was involved with the show, and would like to encourage any of the past show hosts (especially those from the 90's) to get in touch and write a little something about the show over the years.
I figure I'll work my way backwards in chronology.
Starting with the newest host in the Sheepy family:

Eamonn started with the Sheep Technique in 2010. He has a great enthusiasm for noisy old NZ music. He has been involved in putting on All Ages events (including an array of Die Die Die shows) in Christchurch for around 4 years.

Hollan joined the Sheep Technique in 2008 after coming along to a Cheap as Chips event and realising the DJs from RDU know how to have a good time.
He left our fair team in 2009 to join forces with Out of Step- the punk show on Thursday nights.

David, part time Astro boy joined the show in 2008. His love of cute female fronted pop like The Teacups and Gladeyes, dominated his show playlists. He left us in 2009 to concentrate fully on Wednesday Drive, which he also hosted. He once partook in a marathon Wednesday show hosting session which spanned 3 hours of Drive, 2 hours of Sheep Tech and an hour and a bit of the last slot of the evening once occupied by 'All Your Lullabies'.

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