Monday, November 30, 2015

The Sheep Technique - November 30, 2015

Great show featuring an interview with Erin Kimber about her brand new magazine Cheap Thrills, which was launched on the weekend. Also featuring new tracks from Brian Tamaki and the Kool Aid Kids, Wurld Series, and loads more. Tune in!

Nich Cunningham - Anxiety
T54 - CR Model
Die Die Die - Dark Arrow
Wormstar - Spring Steps
ILJ - Drugs Are Bad/Stay In School
Seth Frightening and I.E. Crazy - Nostalgia (Shocking Pinks Cover)
Popstrangers - Witches Hand
Ipswich - Alien vs Sexual Predator
Rickshaw - Gaslight
Sister Something - Intro/The Gravy
Rackets - Cult Of Rackets
Tim Moore - Youth
Wurld Series - Rabbit
TAB - Track And Betting
Terror Of The Deep - Do Not Ask For Love
Ryan Fisherman - Running Out Of Room
Interview - Cheap Thrills Magazine (with Erin Kimber)
Brian Tamaki And The Kool Aid Kids - Floating In Space
The Lowest Fidelity - Lovers and Dreamers
Blistex 5000 - Carpet Head
I.E. Crazy - You're A Stranger To Me Now
Center Negative - The Bureaucrats Are Dying Off\


Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Sheep Technique - Semi-vinyl special feat Spencer Hall and When Pets Attack, November 23, 2015

Feat: The shakiest 7 minutes of The Sheep Technique ever! (just the start); special guest Spencer Hall from Rotten Radio (Lyttelton) as well as Radio One's Oddities show. Brian and Spencer interview When Pets attack, have a 'mare of a start of a show, and call it a semi-vinyl special where we play songs off records. Pretty good show all in all, chune in!

 Ron Gallipoli - Work Is An Amethyst
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing - A Fraud Abroad
Headless Chickens - Monkey Jar
Chris Knox - Growth Spurt
Wormstar - Ditched
The Subliminals - Uh-Oh
Darcy Clay - All I Gotta Do
Sleepers Union - Don't Be Yourself
The 3Ds - Mamma Mia
Surf City - Spec City
Full Moon Fiasco - Sunset Strip
King Loser - 76 Comeback (gig guide backing music)
Bunnies On Ponies - Desination Newtown Park
Bespin - Osiris
Home Brew - Benefit
The Clean - Getting Older
Sam Hunt and David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights - The Gunners Lament (James K Baxter poem)
Childrens Hour - Stuck Pig
Dogfish - demo

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Sheep Technique - November 16, 2015

First show with both Brian and Ben in the studio for a while. Some great new stuff, quality banter, and an appearance from Jason Gunn! Tune in! (Actually no appearance from Jason Gunn)

Taste NASA - Time Goes By
Boycrush - Flirt (Feat Madiera/Yumi Zouma)
The Phoenix Foundation - Give Up Your Dreams (Neil Finn remix)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - It's Hard To Breathe (Shocking Pinks Cover)
Womb - Airplane #1
ILJ - Drugs Are Bad/Stay in School
PHF - Soft
Moses - Keep Your Heart Beating
Emily Edrosa - The Corner Of The Party
Tim Wrath - Cheers, With Love
Bailterspace - Retro
Mint Chicks - Ockham's Razor
Die Die Die - Dark Arrow
Nervous Jerk - What Is? (Wipers Cover)
Agent Ewok - Agent Ewok
Gig Guide (Seth Africa - Backing music)
I.E. Crazy and Seth Frightening - Nostalgia (Shocking Pinks Cover)
Kane Strang - Love Letter For A Trend Setter
De Stevens - Reverie
Sleepers Union - Don't Be Yourself
Wormstar - Whatever Keeps You High
Nich Cunningham - Anxiety
The Checks - Rebel (Toy Love Cover)
Transistors - Confidence Man



Monday, November 9, 2015

The Sheep Technique - November 9, 2015

Brian only today. New tracks from Sere, Ron Gallipoli, Shocking Pinks, and two absolute bangers from Wormstar. Ch-check it out!

Doprah - Lucid Visions
Aporia - First Nail In the Coffin
PHF - I Was A Kid (Feat Emily Edrosa)
Kane Strang - In Thailand
Tall Dwarfs - Baby It's Over
Wormstar - Turning Red
Transistors - Riding The Wave
Sister Something - Walking The Cow (Daniel Johnston Cover)
Nervous Jerk - What Is (Wipers Cover)
I.E. Crazy and Seth Frightening - Nostalgia (Shocking Pinks Cover)
Snapper - Gentle Hour
Bespin - Take Control
Silicon - Cellphone (UMO Rework)
Kirin J Callinan - The Teacher (Feat Connan Mockasin)
Shocking Pinks - Every 1 (Death And The Maiden Remix)
The Bats - Up to the sky (trillion remix) (Gig Guide Music)
Tim Moore Youth
Sere - Madz Duz
Ron Gallipoli - Death pts 1 & 2
Skeptics - Sensible Shoes
Wormstar - Whatever Keeps You High
Jim Nothing - Raleigh Arena
The Clean - Getting Older



Monday, November 2, 2015

The Sheep Technique - November 2, 2015

Ben solo today, Brian was away on the West Coast doing West Coast things like fixing his car. Joe Sampson from Salad Boys/The Dance Asthmatics was supposed to turn up to do the show with him, but didn't. Tune in, podcast and download link below! xoxo

Beth - Voom
Real Kids - Transistors
It's Choade My Dear - Connan Mockasin
The Tongue Davids - sister something
Caves - Wurld Series
Here And Now - Terror of the Deep
Pedestrian Support League - Street Chant
The Pink Noise - Shunkan
I Don't Want to Get Over You - Anthony Drent ++==REVERSE COVAAA CORNA ==++
Feelin' Lovely - Connan Mockasin & Devonte Hynes
Lucy - The Shocking Pinks
Sunken Treasure -  The 3Ds
Prayer - Hex
Moment - No Broadcast
Occasion - Popstrangers
I'm Possessive And Controlling - Team Ugly
Great Esteem - Doprah
Some Days Are a Dream - Sarah Mary Chadwick
Best Kept Secret - Salad Boys
She's Appealing - Kane Strang
Man On the Run - Hans Pucket
Opium of the People - Mint Chicks
Jenny Greenteeth - Mermaidens
Splat - Bailterspace

Download link:!x0EDlRoC