Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sheep Technique - June 13, 2012

 Plenty of dead air tonight... It's a Sheep Technique trademark. The tracks we played made up for it though...

Diving - Oscilloscape
3Ds - Philadelphia Rising
Brains - I Think I Love You
Ipswich Soy Division
Die! Die! Die! - H/T
The Mint Chicks - What A Way
Minisnap - New Broom
Chris Knox - Half Man/Half Mole
Doctors - P-Town
Thought Creature - Paradise
Faults - Vending Machine
Wives - Merry May
Von Klap - St James Infirmary
Music Sucks - Critter
Athezula Brown - Silos
Seth Frightening - Selfissssh
Pie Warmer - I Broke All The Rules
David Kilgour - No, No, No
Solo Ono - Fish Out Of Water
Onanon - Axolotl
Children's Hour - Slaughterhouse
Bailterspace - No Sense
Street Chant - Salad Daze
No Aloha - Days
The Bemsha Swing - Spitting Spite
Team Ugly - Duck My Sick
T54 - CR Model
BnP - Meating People
Terror Of The Deep - Turn It Around

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Sheep Technique - May 30, 2012

Aaaand here's the last setlist.

Premiered the new Shacklock Meth Party/Ben Dodd track - you can hear it here.

Ipswich - Soy Division
The Coolies - Bad Dream
The Eversons - So Down
Nevernudes - Sitcom Family
Fatangryman - Wrapped In Plastic
Toy Love - Pull Down The Shades
Sleepy Age - Glitter
Sherpa - Samsong
Zen Mantra - Change
Shacklock Meth Party & Ben Dodd - San Juan
The Skeptics - Agitator
Die Die Die - HT
Surf City - Kudos
These Dancing Wolfs - Chief, King, Sir
Headaches - Bear Bait
Opossom - Girl
Opossom - Inhaler Song

Beach Pigs - Catch Up In The Sun
The DHDFDs - Wasting My Time
Alec Bathgate - Pet Hates
Straitjacket Fits - Dialling A Prayer
Terror Of The Deep - Terror Of The Deep
Tall Dwarfs - I've Left Memories Behind
No Aloha - 2nd Bf
Cheers Bud - My Uniform
The Phoenix Foundation - Bright Grey
Lawrence Arabia - Travelling Shoes
The Shifting Sands - Feel