Monday, July 28, 2014

The Sheep Technique featuring Seth Africa - July 28, 2014

Today I was Joined by Joe for the last half hour to talk about his latest release, an EP called Fully Charged by Seth Africa. Some heavy garage to start with mellowing out into some great pop music.  An unmissable show. Check the tracklist! Tune in! Podcast below!

Perfect Hair Forever - I Hate Mondays
The Mint Chicks - Sweet Janine
X-Ray Fiends - Sweet Leaf
Seth Africa - Buzzy Africa
The Palace Of Wisdom - Pills
Christian Rock - We'll Meet At Riccarton Mall To Fuck
Die! Die! Die! - Whitehorses
Charlie Bones - David Sparkle
The Boxcar Rattle - Miscommunication
Black Market Art - Come Back, Girl
The 3Ds - Sunken Head
Hans Pucket - Man On The Run
Darcy Clay - All I Gotta Do
Scattered Brains Of The Lovely Union - Party To Your Om (Fishrider Records - Temporary compilation feature)
Mavis Gary - Dim Your Droog (Fishrider Records - Temporary compilation feature)
Kane Strang - Winded (Fishrider Records - Temporary compilation feature)
Jim Nothing - Apple Tree
Luke Buda - My Imminent Demise
The Clean - Billy Two
The Winebox Inquiry - Nothing Happens Anymore
Dark Matter - Tomorrow
Kilmog - Tiny Pieces
Trick Mammoth - Delphine (with a purpose)
Miss June - Pixelated (So Curious)
Team Ugly - Kill Me
Lukas - Nippy's
Seth Africa - Charging
Wet Wings - Willow Peak
Rickshaw - Lazy
Anto Pascoe - Slide Down

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Sheep Technique featuring Violet French - July 21, 2014

Brian and Violet play some kayway choons and do a pretty good job of it.  Yes there is the Blue Beat. Yes there is The Headless Chickens doing Abba. Yes there is some Bliss. And what bliss it was to do the show with Violet.  Check out the tracklist, it's full of good shit.  Yes!  Podcast below! xoxoxo sheep technique

Trick Mammoth - Candy Darling
Wet Wings - Sea Snake
Team Ugly - You Are What You Eat
The Mad Scene - People To Talk To
Bert Bovine - Cutie Suzie
Chris Heazlewood - Surf's Up In Malibu
The Flying Sorcerors - Fucking In A Hurricane
Dark Matter - Dark Matter
Peter Jeffries - The Fate Of The Human Carbine
The Golden Awesome - Astronomy
Dinah Lee - The Blue Beat
The Headless Chickens - Super Trouper (Abba Cover) ~~~!`~!!~!~Cover Corner~!@!!!!`~~~
Th' Dudes - Bliss
Perfect Hair Forever - Fearless Summer
Miss June - Pixelated (So Curious)
Mermaidens - Ocean O
Connan Mockasin - Do I Make You Feel Shy?
Swampy - Uncharted World
The Pickups - Fucked Up Head
Opposite Sex - Dada Creep
Tamburlaine - Blood Red Roses
Violet French - Rhind At Home
Nadia Reid - No Good Man
25 Cents - The Witch (~~!~~~Cover Corner~!~!~~~!1`)
Mink - Mister Creepy
The Situations - Rock 'n' Roll Jimbo
The D4 - Sake Bomb
Jim Nothing - What Can I Say? (Bad Guy)

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Sheep Technique - Phoenix Foundation Special featuring Ryan Chin (Doprah) - July 14, 2014

Today, thanks to some keen fandom courtesy of Ryan, we played no fewer than eight Phoenix Foundation songs. So you'll either love this show, or you'll hate this show. Or, you'll think it's okay. It was a lot of fun. Check the tracklist. Podcast below. xoxoxo sheep technique.

The Phoenix Foundation - Thames Soup
Anna Calvi (Featuring David Byrne) - I'm The Man (That Will Find You) ~~~!~!1Cover Corner~!!`11~~
Aldous Harding - Hunter
The Phoenix Foundation - Brain 
The Terminals - Frozen Car
The Clean - Too Much Violence
The Phoenix Foundation - The Drinker
Doprah - Love That I Need (Live at Roundhead) (Sheep Technique Exclusive)
Garageland - Beelines To Heaven
The Phoenix Foundation - Let Me Die A Woman
Richshaw - Lazy
Wet Wings - Willow Peak
The Phoenix Foundation - Cars Of Eden
Mermaidens - Wander
Indi - Stay
The Phoenix Foundation - 40 Years
The Flying Sorcerors - I'm A Bug
T54 - Getting Uppers
The Phoenix Foundation - Too Far Gone
Voom- B Your Boy
Little Bushman - Backbone
The Phoenix Foundation - Bob Lennon John Dylan

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Sheep Technique

A fun show of mostly new stuff featuring Brian and veteran Sheep Technique host Eamonn Marra on the eve of his Christchurch performance of comedy act "Man On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown". Which, as a fun fact, is also the title of a 3Ds song that we played tonight.  Also, THREE cover corners! Have a listen! Check the tracklist! Podcast below! xoxoxo sheep technique

Robert Scott - Lazy Boy
Bad Sav - Labradoodle
Lawrence Arabia - Apple Pie Bed
Creepy Susie - Death Bed
The Gordons - Machine Song
Peter Jeffries - Electricity
Mermaidens - Ocean O
The Renderizers - City Of Dust And Light
Delaney Davidson - Rise And Shine
Dark Matter - Broken
Ryan Fisherman - Wake Up Son
Grayson Gilmour - Buddy Holly ~~!~~!~!~~!(CoVer cORnER)!~!!~!~`1`1~~!
Wet Wings - Willow Peak
Seth Frightening - Dress Rehearsal Dead Meat
Asian Tang - Emperor
Ron Gallipoli - Getting Paid
Civil Union - Love Makes Slaves Of Us All
Shihad - Gates Of Steel ~~~!~!~~!!(CoveR CoRNEr)~~~!!1~~~~~!~!
The 3Ds - Man On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown
The Coolies - God Take Me
The All Seeing Hand - Show Me Your Teeth
Fats Thompson - Midnight Coal Train
The River Jones - I'm Loving Your Denim Situation
Beach Pigs - 333
Yo La Tengo - Gentle Hour ~~!~~!~!~~!(CoVer cORnER)!~!!~!~`1`1~~!
Perfect Hair Forever - Welcome To The Grind State
Perfect Hair Forever - Skinheads Suck