Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Sheep Technique - 27 June 2018

The Bluestars - Social End Product
The La De Da's - Don't You Stand In My Way
The Action - I Can't Make A Friend
Two Wolves - The Roar And Peal Of Distant Thunder
Earth Tongue - Pentagram On The Moon
Horn - Greedy Bitch
Vincent H L - Yeeeaahh
Repairs - Sacred
Bad Friend - Panic Attack
Wax Chattels - Parallel Lines
The Echo Ohs - Black Like Your Heart
Peter Gutteridge - Dirty Ice
Peter Gutteridge -Cause Of You
Wurld Series - The Bend
The Clean - Sad Eyed Lady
X Ray Charles - Motor Away ~ Cover Corner ~
Arthur Ahbez - Once Again

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Sheep Technique - 20 June 2018

Cut Off Your Hands - Higher Lows and Lower Highs
Horn - Greedy Bitch
Pavement - Oddity (The Clean cover)~~~!Cover Corner~@!!~~!
The Great Unwashed - What You Should Be Now
Bend (Feat. Dave Dobbyn) - The Mysterious Box
The Coolies - Pocket Painting
The Coolies - Shoot This Gun
Acid Police - Negative Space
The Beths - Happy Unhappy
Alphabethead - Welcome To Central High
Bad Friend - Mollie
Wurld Series - Slow Going
The Bats - I Don't Want You Anyway (LBGP Cover) n~!~!~!~COver Corner~!~!~~
Interview - Chris from Stalker
Stalker -Total Annihilation
Goya - Kneel To The Boss

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Sheep Technique - NZ Wahines Special with Missy G - June 13, 2018

Girlboss - So Long
Womb - Here We Bend (To Smell The Dirt)
Sandra Bell - Long Time
Jay Clarkson and Kay Woodward - Crying
Snapper - ADM
Christine Voice - Beat the Bullet
Loves Ugly Children - Suck
Look Blue Go Purple - I Don't Want You Anyway
Opposite Sex - A Year On Your Own
Hex - Runes/Ruins
Miss June - Matriachy
Rogernomix - No Static
Hedge Fund Trader - Something Else
Dinah Lee - Do The Blue Beat
Hawaii Five-0 - Fry
Wax Chattels - Gillian
Princess Chelsea - Come As You Are
Upbeats ft. Tasha Baxter - Alone

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Sheep Technique - June 6, 2018

The Clean - Tally Ho
Eyeliner - Keep Calm and Carry On
Double Ya D - Make This a Time of Love
Ov Pain - Forbidden Reservoir
Princess Chelsea - We're So Lost
Mr Sterile Assembly - Bug My Ride
CL Bob - Old Bob
The Shocking Pinks - Second Hand Girl
Shoelace - The World Is A Mysterious Oyster
Chris Knox - Not Wedding Lightly
Wax Chattels - Career
Church of Goya - Kneel To The Boss
Two Wolves - The Judge In The Desert
Pylon - Inbreeders Outbreeders
Bonecruncher - Nemesis
Numbskull - Hook, Line and Hammer
Vomit Storm - Nazgolic King
Fantails - Vegan Apocalypse
Teen Hygeine - In Hot Pursuit
Methchrist - Nomadic War Machine