Monday, December 15, 2014

The Sheep Technique - November 15, 2015

A good show that got shitter as it went on. Tune in until I play the Christmas songs; after that it is pretty void. xoxo sheep technique

CHEATS - Soaking Up The Rays
Shacklock Meth Party - Razors On Bears (Song For Birds)
The Brian Tamaki Massacre - Eating Glue
Caroles - Let Me Up
Team Ugly - Conserve And Destroy
Villain - RPM
Greenfog - Mc Nugget
Skeptics - Rain
Ron Gallipoli - Fonterra My Love
Asian Tang - Emperor Tang
The Dead C - Sky
Guided By Voices - Drawin(g) To (A) Whole
Elijah Wright - The Biggest Favour
Die! Die! Die! - Best
The Tall Dwarfs - If I Were A Piece Of Shit
Fazed On A Pony - Alone
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Some Days Are A Dream
Dictaphone Blues - Cryptic Lipstick
Connan Mockasin - Jingle Bells
Greenfog - Christmasmoke
Dorkwave - Drunk As Hell Smashing Bells
Snapper - Dead Pictures
The Transistors - Method Actor
Voe - Crowded House

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Sheep Technique - December 8, 2014

trust me the show was good, we talked about elderflowers and played some lovely music that your mother would probably not like if she was of the persuasion to listen to The Breeze, but maybe if you have a cool dad or mum he or she might like it xoxox sheep tech crew

podcast below :)

Kane Strang - In Thailand
Voom - Relax
Dictaphone Blues - 365
The Phoenix Foundation - Everybody's Money
The Violet-Ohs - Schultz
T54 - Vehicle
Elijah Wright - The Biggest Favour
Bert Bovine - Cutie Suzie
Sylvia-Rose and Tim E. Berry - Honeyworld
Sister Something - Disenchanted
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - How Can You Love Me
Nakey - 'demo' (untitled song)
The Mint Chicks - Fat Gut Strut
CHEATS - Blame Yourself (Don't)
King Loser - Troubled Land
Thrill Collins - Boxing Day Cricket
Bunnies On Ponies - Destination Newtown Park Flats
Wurld Series - Landslide
The Shocking Pinks - How Am I Not Myself?
Popstrangers - Occasion
Rickshaw - Gaslight
Greenfog - Christmasmoke
Minisnap - Big Blue Sky
Rackets - Buck Angel Mind Fuck
The 3Ds - can't remember what song we actually played
Tall Dwarfs - Nothing's Gonna Happen

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Sheep Technique - December 1, 2014

Dope show, this is definitely one to listen to

Buzz Moller - Back Into Your Life
Lawrence Arabia - The Beautiful Young Crew
Salad Boys - Strange (Wire Cover) ~~~!~~~~~ Cover Corner!~~~~~!!~~~~
Batrider - Piles Of Lies
Emily Edrosa - Behind Yr Back
Jim Nothing - Apple Tree
The Alpaca Brothers - The Lie
Ghost Club - Sea Shaped Stone
The Gordons - Coalminers Song
Dictaphone Blues - 365 (Feat. Emily Edrosa)
Perfect Hair Forever - I Was A Kid (Feat. Emily Edrosa)
Yor Cronies - Everyone Is Satan Including Me
Las Tetas - Two Marriages
Kane Strang - In Thailand
Doprah - Love That I Need
Bunnies On Ponies - Straight Up Jerk
Lucy Hunter - Say It (David Lynch Cover) ~~~!~~~~~ Cover Corner!~~~~~!!~~~~
Diana Tribute - Arseless Chaps
The Coolies - DIY
Minisnap - New Broom
The Mint Chicks - Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
So So Modern - Synthgasm
X-Ray Charles - Heavy Fast
Villain - Vinny's Garden
Devilish Mary And The Holy Rollers - Oh Darling
Sylvia Rose and Tim E Berry - Good Morning, Sunshine!
Jonathan Bree - Weird Hardcore