Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Sheep Technique - September 19, 2012


just gonna have a wink and leave the playlist here

and anotehr wink

ur cool lol

Sweater - Sweather
Rackets - Colgate Kid (Live at Mighty Mighty 7/5/10)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim and Sleep With The Sharks
Toy Love - Swimming Pool
The Transistors - Caving In
Bandicoot - Emotional And Dirty
The Clean - Fish
The Coolies - DIY
Attic Sky's - This Is Home
Kilmog - Tiny Pieces
Trick Mammoth - Floristry
Princess Chelsea - Overseas
Dear Time's Waste - Alice
Space Ventura - Watch It Grow
T54 - Black On Black
Dimmer - Crystalator
Fuyuko's Fables - III
Sharpie Crows - Thank You Ladies For The Spread
The Shocking And Stunning - Salvia Gravity
The Shocking Pinks - Dry Heat
Blue Mt Lumber - Whangamata
The Children's Hour - Slaughterhouse
Carb On Carb - Single White Female
Pine - So Long
Pluto - Watching and Waiting
Mr. Biscuits - My Plums Are Ripe
Snapper - Hang On
Doctors - P-Town
Nelsh Bailter Space - New Man

xoxo sheep tech krew

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Sheep Technique - September 5, 2012

Brian and Ben welcome in the spring by having the RDUnit door open tonight, and playing some bloody great tunes, if we do say so ourselves.

Might as well pimp The Dance Asthmatics right here... They have a new single out.

Also The Eversons and No Aloha have released new tunes... check 'em out on the links below.

The Great Unwashed - Hold Onto The Rail
Liam Finn (Feat Connan Mockasin) - I'll Be Lightning
The Mint Chicks - Welcome To Nowhere
?????? - ??????? (It's a new project and it doesn't have a name yet, alright?)
Bailterspace - Blue Star
No Aloha - Butt Party
Shacklock Meth Party - Bureau De Change
The Gordons - Adults And Children
The Coolies - 1 Knock
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing - In The Key Of Her Cup Size
Shocking and Stunning - Ghosts 
Surf City - See How The Sun
Shocking Pinks - This Aching Deal
The Tall Dwarfs - The Slide
The Golden Awesome - Astronomy
Ghost Wave - Gold
Hoopla! - Moon Barking
The Dance Astmatics - Abradive Edits
David Kilgour - Diamond Mine
Cool Cult - Aryuveda
Brains - I Think I Love Love You
Betchadupa - Supa Day
Die! Die! Die! - Whitehorses
The Palace Of Wisdom - Stitches
Alec Bathgate - Pet Hates
Voom - B Your Boy
Zen Mantra - La La La La La

xoxoxox Sheep Tech Crew

The Sheep Technique - July 25

Drop Head Redhead - Whoa
Rackets - Catherine Zita Jones
T54 - Kill Red
Sherpa - Tree
The Bats - Things I Can't Leave Behind
Shocking Pinks - How Am I Not Myself?
Garageland - Classically Diseased
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - How Can U Luv Me?
Onanon - Possibilities
The Chills - Rolling Moon
Jetsam Isles - Someplace Nice
Opposite Sex - La Rat
Mint Chicks - Opium Of The People
The Golden Awesome - Autumn
The Go Find - Pink Frost ~~~~~!!!~``1COVER CORNER~~~!11~~~~~
The Shifting Sands - Pixies
Pluto - Waiting And Watching
Delaney Davidson - Bad Luck Man
Luke Buda - Special Surprise
Dimmer - Seed
Ipswich - Alien Vs Sexual Predator
Hyacinth Girl - Wassup Rockers
Sidewalk Meese - 813
The Sneaks - You All Suck
So So Modern - The Worst Is Yet To Come
Die Die Die - 155
Straitjacket Fits - Dialling A Prayer
Shacklock Meth Party - Sense 12
Lontalius - Night
Batrider - Dirty
The Coolies - Holiday