Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Sheep Technique - February 23, 2015

A pretty good show, despite some technical fuckups at the start... choon in babehj xoxox sheep tech crew

The Eversons - Emily
Jim Nothing - Raleigh Arena
Die! Die! Die! - Crystal
Emily Edrosa - Spectrum
Anthony Drent and The Blood of the Innocent - Dump no Waste, Flows to Sea
Bad Sav - Labradoodle
Bang! Bang! Eche! - Time Mismanagement
Connan Mockasin - I'm The Man
Shacklock Meth Party - Monster Character Theater
Bespin - Osiris
Freddy Fudd Pucker - The Price of Milk
Sarah Mary CHadwick -  Am I worth It
The Bats - Afternoon In Bed
Straitjacket Fits - Burn It Up
Voom - Isn't That Good
Kilmog - Spider
Chris Knox - A Song To Welcome The Onset Of Maturity
Darcy Clay - All I Gotta Do
Plagal Grind - Marquesite Lace
God Bows To Math - Ardent Pedestrian
Martin Phillips, David Kilgour and Alan Haig - Autobahn (Kraftwerk Cover) ~~~!cover corner~~!@!~
Cheers Bud - Cheers Old Best
Surf City - Hollow Veins
Carb On Carb - Not Cute, Anymore

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Sheep Technique - February 16, 2015

Brian and Ben play the greatest New New Zealand Stuff and a king missile interview. good listen. choon in. Podcast below!

Mermaidens - Dive
Shacklock Meth Party - Charlie
The La De Das - How Is The Air Up There?
Surf City - Hollow Veins
Freddy Fudd Pucker - Burning With A Blue Flame
Jim Nothing - Oceans
Wurld Series - Shirley In The Sun
The Shocking Pinks - Wash You Away
Seth Frightening - Bully
~~~Interview: John S. Hall of King Missile ~~~~~~
King Missile - Detachable Penis
Tall Dwarfs - Burning Blue
Nordic Blonde - Turning Red
Hans Pucket - Fight For Fun
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi Love
Fazed on a Pony - Leave
The Axemen - That's Finland Dear
The Eversons - Emily
Into The Void - Motorcycle
The Dead C - Eusa Kills
P.H.F - Curb Side

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Sheep Technique - February 9, 2014

Pretty good show if you stick with us flubbing through the first 3 minutes. Marlon interview was banging. Poocast below! xoxoxo sheep tech crew

Invisible Threads - The Bored Room
Fazed on a Pony - Alone
Emily Edrosa - The Corner of the Party
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Am I Worth It?
Chris Knox - One Fell Swoop
Rickshaw - Gas Light
Voom - You Were A Man
Bergerac - Amandalia
Perfect Hair Forever - I.D.W.
PALS - Pipes
Aldous Harding - Hunter
~~~~~Marlon Williams Interview~~~~~!2`21~~~~
Space Dust - Some Velvet Morning ~!~~~~~COver corner~~!@~~~~~`11
CHEATS - Soaking Up The Rays
Surf City - Hollow Veins
Asian Tang - Emperor Tang
Connan Mockasin - Megumi The Milky Way Above
UMO - Multi Love
Batrider - Stacked In The Corner
Popstrangers - Fortuna
Shocking Pinks - April/May
Kane Strang - In Thailand

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Sheep Technique - February 2, 2015

Loads of new stuff, and a very bloody loose show from a sweltering hot RDUnit
Surf City - Hollow Veins
Rackets - Real Things
Transistors - Real Kids
Bergerac - Footworkers
Bunnies On Ponies - Nothing
Connan Mockasin - Naughty Holidays
Bespin - Osiris
Popstrangers - Fortuna
Villain - Swandive Soldier
BnP - FD Slug
Perfect Hair Forever (P.H.F) - Cruiser
Delaney Davidson - Swim Down Low
Emily Edrosa - SPECTRUM
Proton Beast - Vis Viva
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing - Where The Worm Deith Knott
The Dead C - Now I Fall
Jim Nothing Zig Zag Blues
Pavement - Oddity ~~~~Cover Corner~~!@~~~~
Darcy Clay - All I Gotta Do
Yumi Zouma - Catastrophe