Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Bailter Space - Shield
Seth Frightening - Selfisssh
Secret Knives - The Cage
The Undercurrents - Future Boy
Mount Pleasant - There are no roots
Basketball nightmare - Hug your spirit
Wet Wings - Running like a man
The Bears - I am a dog
Abel Tasmans - Sour Queen
An Emerald City - Qing Song
Tweenie Pop Giggle Choir - California Gurls
Ruby Suns - papatuanuku
James Duncan - Calamity
Barb - Beatman
Street chant - You do the Math
Toy Love - Photographs of Naked Ladies
T54 - Julie K
Thought Creature - Your telepathy
John The Bapist - Cut Me down a tree
Teenwolf - Bloxx Wars
Princess Chelsea - Yulia
The Brunettes - The Ace of Space
Snapper - Buddy
Doctors - Charms
Betchadupa - Bats of Darkwell Lane
Haunted Love - Into the night
This Kind of Punishment - Some More than others

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