Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The Androidss - Auckland tonight
Snapper - Buddy
David Mitchell - Dogs
YFC - Anthem
squirm - Big House
Trampoline Dreamers - Coloured Girls
Minisnap - Big Blue Sky
Homebrew - Benefit
Tommy Ill - Robot
David Dallas - Big time
Tourettes - This is almost a love Song
The Naked and Famous - Pace
So So Modern - Life in the undergrowth
Mount Pleasant - Waking Waiting
Tranisistors - Caving in
The postures - the strain
God Bows To Math - Decieve Inviegle Obfuscate
Jdubs - What you want (feat. Sacha Vee)
F In Math - Don't Look Down
The Mint Chicks - Ockham's Razor
Flesh D-Vice - Flaming Soul
Skeptics - AFFCO
Dead C - Bad Politics
Punchbowl - You Dive Deep
Dimmer - Chrystalator
Malenky Robot - Faceleft
The Gordons - Adults and Children
Captain Sergent Major - Daily Horriscope
Lassoo Trick - the Man with the x ray Eyes (Bauhaus Cover)
Coolies - Holiday/Vacation
Piece War - Monster (signed in Blood)
Betchadupa - Whos coming through the window
The Clean - Getting Older
Seth Frightening - Selfisssh
T-54 - Julie K

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