Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Only an Hour Long show tonight as I am off to grouper at HSP now. sorry if it left you wanting more, you will have to listen next week.

David Merrit - Frank
George Henderson & A. Gailbraith - Macquarie Island
Alastair Galbraith - Thoar
King Loser - Stairway to Heaven
Alpaca Brothers - Hey Man
Jon Lemmon - Somewhere with something
Wet Wings - Whisper Always
Sferic Experiments - Goodbye
This Kind of Punishment - reaching for an end
Goblin Mix - Time away
Scorched Earth Policy - Too Far Gone
Matthew Middleton - A Reprimand
Batrider - Homie Gnomie
Peter Jefferies & Robbie Muir - Catapult
The Renderers - Burning Bible
Roy Montgomery - the Soul Quietens
With Moths - Dead Mountain
Cat Venom - Bats in the Belfry
Deathdream - Endless Knot

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