Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sharpie Crows - 15 Golden Balls pt 2
Angelhead - I'll Be Bound
Chug - Golden Mile
King Loser - Matchstick Men
Loves Ugly Children - Pump it Baby
Ghost Club - Punch (your brother)
The Puddle - Monogamy
Mainly Spaniards - Thats what friends are for
The Chills - Kaleidoscope World
Look Blue Go Purple - Circumspect Penelope
David Merrit and Alexander Gailbraith - Putty
Black Market Art - Yell and Yell
Jon Lemmon - The Inside of a Corner
Surf Friends - Human
Grayson Gilmour - Carrying Cancer
Queen Meanie Puss - Painkiller
FATANGRYMAN - Wrapped in Plastic
Snapper - Small town Secret
Die Die Die - We Built our Own Opressors
Lines off the Spacebar - Dry
Plagal Grind - Blackout
Olla - Septic Hagfish
Jane Harris - Shiney Surfaces
Norma O'Mally - Some Tame Gazelle
Dermania Lloyd - Maple
Minisnap - Shade
The Family Cactus - Mariarchi Stomper
Thought Creature - Ice cream ice queen
Stephen Kilroy - When Planets Align
To Sarah - Lets Sail into the Sunset
The bears - Love Song (For a Friend) (With Maia Potier)
Barnards Star - Terrabytes Terrawatts

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