Wednesday, August 18, 2010


James Duncan - ...Of Everyone around you
Seth Frightening - A Voice Recorded Message (Shooting Stars)
The Undercurrents - Boulder Bay
The Reduction Agents - Waiting for Your Love
Robert Scott - Daylight
The Bats - horizon
Sheep,Dog&Wolf - Tamefires
The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo
The great unwashed - Hold onto the Rail
Canterbury Rams - Simple mind (demo)
The Bears - Shards of green Glass for teeth
Mount Pleasant - In The City Reprise
Crude - Blip
Body 125 - 1102
T54 - Julie K
Barb - looking out through Barbs eyes
Chris Knox - Not Given Lightly
The Verlaines - Death and the Maiden
Mestar - Konked out
Ejector - Motionless (over the atlantic remix)
Thought Creature - Kamakazi tv
Flip grater - Passage
The situations - sister
Magik Heads - sweet angel
Goodshirt - Fiji Baby
Lawrence Arabia - The Kind of feelings that happen on summer beaches
Wet Wings - Beach Party
Bailter Space - Splat

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