Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Die Die Die - Caseman
David Mitchell and Denise Roughan - Grey Funeral Line
Jimmy Zoom and The Beytown grifters - Little Piglet
The Renderers - Bigger then texas
YFC - Anthem
The Bemsha Swing - Das Vadanya
Alistair Gailbraith and Graeme Jefferies - Timebomb
The Cakekitchen - Even as we Sleep
Dermania Lloyd - Maple
Glass Vaults - forget me not
Wreck small speakers on expensive stereos - All of this
John White - baloon adventure
Liam Finn - second chance
Nigel Bunn - Sea Goose
Skeptics - crave
Plagal Grind - Starless road
King Loser - troubled land
The Pin Group - Ambivilance
Alpaca Brothers - Wilderness
the Terminals - Do the void
Children's Hour - Marion the Spider
The Dead C - Crazy I know
Peter Jefferies - Electricity
The Puddle - A440
The Dark beats - Spill your heart
dimmer - Dawn's coming in
Die Die Die - wasted lands
TFF - fucksurf
Full Moon fiasco - Worlds above and Worlds below
3Ds - Cash none

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