Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Squirm - The Monster under her bed
tapeman - kaikora u.f.o
Xanadu - sky (dead c cover)
King loser - '76 comeback
Ghost Club - Underwater fotos
the Bats - that's how you found me
thought creature - ice cream ice queen
Flight of the conchords - humans are dead
Seth Frightening - I Believe You (When you say you'll stay the same)
The Chills - Hidden Bay
Die Die Die - Paquin
Skeptics - I never tire of looking at the stars
Shane carter and Peter Jeffereys - Randolphs going Home
the La De Das - Little girl
The gordons - laughing now
The Clean - Billy Two
Loves ugly Children - Fear and Loathing
This kind of punishment - two minutes drowning
Valdera - mystery
The undercurrents - oceans wide
Roy Montgomery - Catherine at aldeburgh
Operation rolling thunder - at matter of space
Barnards star - Arc infinity
The Terminals - Out on a blue moon
Straightjacket Fits - Bad note for a heart
The Max Block - Black Fish
Onanon - OK
Squirm - big House
Die Die Die - Wasted Lands
The sneaks - Kuzai Heart you

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