Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Probabaly the best playlist we have ever done

Die Die Die - How Ye
S*P*U*D - Go Ape
Bored Games - Bridesmaid
Children's Hour - Go Slow
The Gordons - Quality Control
Sets of 57 - Test Unit 5
Snapper - Telepod fly
skeptics - crave
squirm - rocket man
sharpie crows -sheep skin
deathdream - thousend yard stare
This kind of punishment - instrumental
wreck small speakers on expensive stereos - alice in wonderland
The Great Unwashed - Born in the wrong time
The Terminals - Out on a Blue moon
The renderers - half life
Scorched Earth Policy - the cult
Roy Montgomery - A Little Soundtrack (for epic)
Capsul - If you're still staring at your shoes I can't see your eyes
The Max Block - Came in a Can
The Body lyre - Chainsmoker
Piece War - Call on Me
Rackets - Kin
Cathloic Guilt - Small Town Metaphysics
Ghost Club - Sea Shaped Stone
The Mint Chicks - Double Helix
Dear Times Waste - Clandestine
Shocking Pinks - This Aching Deal
Body 125 - Grow up
Glass Vaults - Forget me not
How To Kill - Nearly there (my Dear)
James Duncan - ...Of everyone around you
Loves Ugly Chidren - Personal World

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