Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The Ruby Suns - Cranberry
The Sneaks - Sneak City Shutdown
Signer - Languidly toot
Die Die Die - Blinding
Ghost Club - Diver X
Diana Rozz - Good Friend
Operation rolling thunder - eden
rackets - There's treasure in these mountains (live)
Ejector - Motionless (over the atlantic remix)
Capsul - 23-24-25 (hypercolour remix)
This Night Creeps - Black Box Interpretor
Skeptics - Sheen of Gold
Thought Creature - Shake About
The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo
Black Market Art - Walking from the house to the car and going camping the next day
Transistors - Caving in
God Bows To Math - your kids arent special but i am
t54 - Chicken Roll Model
Hypercolour - Zelda Fitzgerald
Straightjacket Fits - Down in Splendour
Bachelorette - On The Four
JPS Experience - Bleeding Star
Tommy Ill - come home mr ill
Brand New Math - space food
Surf City - Records of a flagpole skater
Thieves - Second Guessing
Grayson gilmour - Operation Dreamland
The 3Ds - outer space

1 comment:

  1. respect for dropping the OTA remix of Motionless... that song is so under-rated.