Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Just me on my own in the studio tonight, if you liked the first half of the show go to to see where you can get a copy of radikool emotionz which i played from start to finish its free and awesome

Mestar - Shut the squizwot factories down
rackets - Bed Sores
Wilberforces - cranes
fighting the shakes - lying to your face
hyancynth girl - wassup rockers
t54 - Julie K
o'lovely - wild flames
street chant - yr philosophy
nevernudes - crop cirlces
transistors - brand new suit
god bows to math - crack + tool t shirt = rockfm listener
die die die - dropp off
no aloha - where to be
sidewalk meese - 813
magic eye - boy do you ever think at all
secret knives - the ocean
psychic powers - glide
bang bang eche - you're a jerk
the chills - heavenly pop hits
wet wings - beach party
the undercurrents - flood song
Mount Pleasant - Waking, waiting
mammel airlines - Emily 2.0
Frase & Bri - 8 hr Crush
Pikachunes - fire
Cat Venom - Bells in the batfry
John the Baptist - cut me down a tree
Pine - Smartest kid
Grayson Gilmour - Carrying Cancer
The Enright House - On the banks of the Rhein
Bailter Space - The Aim
Dimmer - I won't let you break my heart again

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