Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The Dead C - Sky
Sets - Peter Kevin
The Gordons - Adults and Children
Big Flip the Massive - Speedway Orange Boys
The Leper Ballet - Republican Bogan Pop
The Phoenix Foundation - Bright Grey
The Enright House - Scattering the Sun Like Gunshot
Liam Finn and Eliza Jane - On Your Side (Mint Chicks Remix)
Wilberforces - The Red Lights
Sidewalk Meese - broke for today
Red Steers - Nighthawks
Nice Birds - Highbury Horror
Fat Angry Man - Wrapped in Plastic
T54 - Death Drive
frase - Shoegazer Sweat
Tiger Tones - Short Thing
Phelps and Munro - Glib
Over The Atlantic - Loveless Devotion
Ladyhawke - Paris is burning
The Bats - North By North
Grayson Gilmour - Oceans and Notions
James Duncan - Don't Close your eyes
The Undercurrents - When you wish upon a star
So So Modern - Give everything
Popstrangers - Kille the voice
Pig Out - Disco Bag
Not So experinmental - Reisist! Unlearn! Defy!
Nevernudes - George's Spiders
goodshirt -Place to Be

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