Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Bailter Space - Noch en Raum Spatzel Bitte
Shocking Pinks - This Aching Deal
Ghost Club - Howl of the Duck
HDU - Stupormodel
The Fanatics - Models
Minisnap - In my pocket
Villan - French kids
Capsul - If you're still staring at your shoes
Die Die Die - Everyones got something to hide except me and my mikey
Hypercolour - Zelda Fitzgerald
Machette - Smoke Me (Demo)
Mammel Airlines - I heart Nigella
Valdera - Mystery
T54 - Localism
Sharpie Crows - I'll Haunt You
Pop Strangers - 1000
Tommy Ill - Bill Cosby
King Loser - Flippin' the Bird
The Axel Grinders - Don't Hurry Be Snappy
Seth Frightning - The Prince and his voice recorders (part one)
Insurgents - Rather Be Dead
No Aloha - I fear my brains not sharp anymore
Black Market Art - I want to die
The Transistors - Real Kids
God Bows to Math - I want to be an all black so i can get one of those get out of jail free cards
Dimmer - I believe you are a star
Kittentank - Nah
So So Modern - Dusk and Children
The Clean - Anything could happen
Fly My Pretties - Flight of the owl
Urban tramper - The Balad of Lord Warbleton
BMX Rapists - Fuck Wasps
Secret Knives - The Wolves
Disasteradio - Awesome Feelings

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