Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Sheep Technique - September 6, 2017

Alec Bathgate - Pet Hates
Andrew Brough - Andy Dandy
Alastair Galbraith - Iron Tender
Pumice - Stink Moon
Smelly Feet - Assassin
The Garbage and the Flowers - Rosicrucian Lovers
Pat McMinn with Bill Langford & the Stardusters - Opo the Crazy Dolphin
Hubb Kapp and the Wheels - I'm Happy Too
Go Go - Four Four
Larry's Rebels - I Feel Good
The House of Nimrod - Slightly Delic
Formyula - Nature
The Chants R & B - Witchdoctor
La De Da's - How is the Air up There
Bozo - Swim Down
Delaney - Ophelia
Voodoo Savage and his Savages - Beat it with a Rock
CL Bob - Old Bob
Alphabethead - Buy Buick/8Bit Buick
Montell2099 - Space
Glasgow - Battery Farm Lollipop
The All Seeing Hand - The Claw
Fantails - Boiling Up
Yung Nat$ - Get a Tan
Methdrinker - Serrated Corridor

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