Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Sheep Technique - September 27, 2017

Ron Gallopili - Work is an Amethyst
Jol Mulholland - Doorbell
The Communist Rainbow Relationship - One Horse Pony (Losers)
Mint Chicks - Blue Team Go
TFF - Wolverine's Scrumpy
Indi - Demeter
Blaek - Stay the Night
IE Crazy - Straight for my Heart
File Folder - Egglayers
Futuresports - Internet Man
BnP - Bag of Rats
BMX Rapists - Six Foot Insects
Dioxin - Brian's Message
Centre Negative - The Bureaucrats are Dying Off
Astro Children - Straight from my Heart
Ayn Randy - Let me in
Rogernomix - Right to Crime
The Flying Sorcerers - Fucking in a Hurricane
Shocking Pinks - Peace Out
Opawa 45's - Bullwinkle
Die! Die! Die! - Bottle Caps and Phones

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