Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Sheep Technique - 5 September, 2016

Hans Puckett - Nature (The Formyula Cover)
Diana Tribute - Jacynth
Invisible Threads - Cluedo
Wurld Series - Oh Well
Transistors - Soap Suds
Street Chant - Isthmus of 1000 Lovers
The Trendees - Abandoned Hospital
Merk - I'm Easy
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - First World Problem
Fazed on a Pony - Difficult
Womb - Satellite
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Yunno What
Wormstar - Whatever Keeps You High
Soft Hair - Lying Has To Stop
Yumi Zouma - Keep It Close To Me
Girl Boss - Mrs. Doubtfire
King Loser - Centre Of Things
King Loser - '76 Comeback
Zen Mantra - Chapters
Tim Moore - Organ Grind
Street Chant - Hauora Forever
Centre Negative - (secretly he's a racist)
I.E. Crazy - An Incident On The Edge Of Town
Anthony Drent and the Blood Of The Innocent - Dump No Waste, Flows To Sea

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