Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sheep Technique 29th August

Salad Boys - Here's No Use
Kane Strang - In Thailand
Sabine Wojnar - Empty Glass

Shane Carter - The Slide
Bespin - Waking Dream
3Ds - Outer Space

Log Horn Breed - Mechanical Pain
Yumi Zouma - Barricade (Matter Of Fact)
sere - Hazy

T54 - AC Parade
Batrider - Sweaty Magee
Terror Of The Deep - I Am Ocean

Bunnies on Ponies - Nothing
Connan Mockasin - Do I Make You Feel Shy?

Moses - Drive Back In To Wellington
Zen Mantra - Dimming Son
Fazed On A Pony - 0 to 100

Mermaidens - Seed
PHF - I Was a Kid
Street Chant - Less Chat, More Sewing

Voom - Isn't That Good
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Turn Up
Doprah - Great Esteem

Seth Frightening - Bury
Death and the Maiden - Flowers for the Blind

X Ray Charles - Field Recordings of Animal Noises

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