Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Transistors - reception to porter
Heazlewood - Satan's the God of Rock and Roll
Darcy Clay - Jolene
Headless Chickens - Totalling Dad's Car
The Leper Ballet - Republican Bogan Pop
Die Die Die - Blinding
The Aesthetics - Hombre
T54 - Birds
Sora Shima - Fill Spectre
Coate - Good our first catch of the day
Valdera - Mystery
Surf City - See How the Sun
The Sneaks - Scenester
The Gordons - Adults and Children
Plagal Grind - Marquesite Love
The Phoenix Foundation - Bright Grey
Phelps and Munro - Bounceback
HDU - Schallblute
Luke Buda - Weekend Dad
The Mint Chicks - Say Goodbye
This Night Creeps - 23rd Ave
Goblin Mix - Travelling Grave
Kitsunegari - Poor Aim
Onanon - Exploding Heart
Sherpa - Pretty Cool Optical Illusions
Queen Meanie Puss - My Eyes
Whipping Cats - Little Blue Boxes
Pikachunes - Fire
French for Rabbits - Claimed by The Sea.
The Haints of Dean Hall - Brown Wig
Goodshirt - Sophie
Cut Off Your Hands - You and I

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