Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Shane carter and Peter Jefferies - Randophs going home
Minisnap - Innocent
Chug - Flowers
Beat Rhythm Fashion - Turn of the Century
Coate - I smoked the wrong end of a cigarette
Jon Lemmon - I followed
Grayson Gilmour - Phantom Limbs
i.ryoko - Disturbing the Quiet
Seth and Merle - Incubate my friend
Stef Animal - One Two Three Four Five
The Chills - The Doledrums
Cool Cult - Clouds
3D's - Sing Song
Fetus Productions - What's going On
Die Die Die - We Bulit Our Own Oppressors
Onanon - I don't know whats come over me
Squirm - Harmonic
Batrider - Dad
The Postures - Bushwalker
Trash - Glider to Sam
TFF - Tornado Paul
Children's Hour - Stuck Pig
Loves Ugly children - Junkfood
YFC - Self Destruct
God Bows To Math - I write witty slogans for T shirts
The Gordons - Mono flo
FATANGRYMAN - Fucked Up babies
Headless Chickens - Donka
The Terminals - Love, Hate, Revenge
Brains - Brains
Body 125 - A Sea inside
Barnards Star - Purple Room

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