Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The Clean - Point that thing somewhere Else
Doublehappys - Big Fat Elvis
Goblin Mix - Up from the sink I spy/Fruit of the womb
Garageland - Fingerpops
Surf City - CIA
Proud Scum - I am a Rabbit
Olla - Septic Hagfish
Headless Chickens - Gaskrankenstation
The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo
Seth Frightening - The Pictures and the posers
Wet Wings - beach Party
S.P.U.D. - Go ape
Head Like a Hole - Beatnik (The Clean cover)
Lawrence Arabia - I've smoked too much
Bethchadupa - Awake
HDU - Man on the verge of a nervous Breakdown (3Ds cover)
The gordons - coalminers song
Street Chant - Less Chat, More sewing
Wilberforces - Tidal Waves
Mestar - Babyfix
Delaney Davidson - Dirty Dozen
Deer Park - Izabell
Flies inside the sun - The afternoon blind
Triusmawizard castle - Sunken to high to be
David Kilgour and Sam hunt - everytime it rains like this
This Kind of Punishment - The Horrible Tango
the Ruby Suns - Birthday on Mars
Piece War - Ice is Melting

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