Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Information about the first half of the playlist (Pressure to be- 18 and under nz) at

These Dancing Wolves – Chief, King, Sir
Cool Cult - Clouds
Nevernudes - White Teethed Teens
Shipwreck - Lontalius
Kitsunegari - Jisatsu
Mammal Airlines – I Heart Nigella
Alex Angryman – Flowers for no one
Hypercolour - Crawl Out
Nice Birds - Highbury Horror
Sidewalk Meese - Soda
Bodystockings - Sober
Fatangryman - Wrapped in Plastic
TFF - Ave Sultana/Take It Out Tonight
Grass Cannons - Antarctica #2
Carriage H - Intergalatic Cosmic Space Killer
3Ds - Hellzapoppin
Teen Fortress - Leaving
Queen Meanie Puss - The Meanie Theme
Alpaca Brothers - The Lie
Marie and the Atom - Karaka Bay
Onanon - I Don't Know What's Come Over Me
Popstrangers - 1000
Fetus Productions - Sparks Fly
King Loser - Band on the Run
Snapper - Can
Deathdream - Endless Knot
Home Brew - Same Old Day
David Mitchell - Dead Dog In Port Chalmers
Brand New Math - Debating Team
John Lemmon - Somewhere With Something

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