Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Mmdelai - Mantras
Seth Frightening - The Prince and his voice recorders (part two)
Forest Spirits - Out my window
Kill the Zodiac - We all breathe through the same mask
Seth and Merle - Elaborate Chant
John White - Juvendee Hill
Norma O'Malley - One Tame Gazelle
Sean K Anderson - The Stand Sure Oak
Glass Vaults - Forget me not
Siamese - Angles of murder
HDU - Grace
i.ryoko - Cut too short for contentment
James Duncan - Don't close your eyes
Operation Rolling Thunder - Behaviour in the Presence of strangers
Roy Montgomery - The Road to Diamond Harbour
Bailter Space - Shield
The Cakekitchen - Even as we sleep
The Exploding budgies - Kenneth Anger
Chug - Sassafras
Fetus Productions - What's going on?
Die! Die! Die! - We built our own oppressors
Coolies - Salute
Shocking Pinks - Second hand girl
Headless Chickens - Totalling Dad's car
God Bows to Math - Prep H
Loves Ugly Children - Superficial semi-automatic
Heazlewood - They slaughter small children
Angelhead - I'll be bound
Mestar - Konked out

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