Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The Max Block - Black Fish
The Aesthetics - 20
Bailter Space - At Five we Drive
the Postures - Used to be punk
Dakota's Fanny - In Love with Adam Freeth
Flies Inside the Sun - The Afternoon Blind
Alistair gailbraith - Milky Milo Man
A Handful Of Dust - The Lonesome Death of Albert Aylar
Peter Jefferies - Lassitude
Olla - Dead Fish
The Renderers - I hear the Devil Calling Me
The Dead C - 5.12.90
Gate - Never
Cyclops - Uneasy Trail
Dadamah - Replicant Emotions
David Mitchell - The Blind Fish
Queen Meanie Puss - The Meanie Theme
Stephen Kilroy - F*U*A*F*S
Surfing USSR - Old Chair
Snapper - Hang On
3D's - Spooky
Dear Times Waste - These Words Stick Me to You
wet Wings - Keep it Together
John White - Float on a feather
David Kilgour and Sam Hunt - Everytime it rains like this
Coate - I smoked the wrong end of a cigarette
Bliders - Alien
the Spelling Mistakes - Feels So good
The Scavengers - Mysterex
The Bats - Afternoon in Bed
the Enright House - Darkwave = MC squared
Nevernudes - Beaten Pathetic
FATANGRYMAN - Wrapped in plastic
Body 125 - Wine Glass
Beat Rhythm Fashion - Turn of the Century
Skeptics - Spade
Sets - Peter Kevin
Solid Gold Hell - Heavenly Chaser
Catholic Guilt - Smalltown Metaphysics
Scorched Earth Policy - Sunset on the loading zone

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