Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Dimmer - Crystalator
Operation Rolling Thunder - a matter of space
The Clean - anything could happen
Chris Knox and The Nothing - All I want is you
Mestar - Distant Star
Insurgents - Rather Be Dead
Mount Pleasant - In Lust
Bressa Creeting Cake - Palm Singing
The Chills - Doledrums
Over the Atlantic - Starsign
Family Cactucs - In Transit
Pine - Twelve Hour Collision
Sleepy Age - Until you're dead
Sherpa - 11-11
Ornithologist - The Southern Cassowary
This Night Creeps - Black Box Interpreter
Damsels - Tactics
HDU - Grace
Gatherer - Mandatory Man on fire
Headless Chickens - Totalling dads car
Captain Sargeant Major - If David Attenborough dies
Goldenaxe - Hypercolour
Pig Out - Disco Bag
Tiger Tones - Short Thing
Thought Creature - Favourite New Machine (Golden Axe Remix)
Bang! Bang! Eche! - Fistfull of dollars
The Shocking Pinks - Smokescreen
The Leper Ballet - Republican Bogan Pop
Connan and the Mockasins - Sneaky Sneaky Dog Friend
Darcy Clay - Jesus I was Evil (Live)
The Gordons - Spik and Span
The 3Ds - Outer Space

Love yous

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