Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sets - Peter Kevin
Body 125 - Grow Up
F in Math - Attacked by a squirrel on Crack
Don Julio and the Hispanic Mechanic - Chupacabre
3Ds - Sing Song
The Skeptics A.F.F.C.O
This City Sunrise - Marble Zone
Kerretta - The Square Outside
How To Kill - Nearly there (My Dear)
Valdera - And We Will
God Bows To Math - Your Kids aren't special but I am
Sworn to the King - I
Billy T James - How to buy a car
Stevie Starr - The rising tide of Conformity (mistake)
The Bats - Afternoon in bed
Seth Frightening - The Prince and his Voice Recorders (Part One)
Black Market Art - Yell and Yell
Urban Tramper - Wishing Bliss
Conan Mockasin - It's Choade My Dear
The Undercurrents - Oceans Wide
Ruby Suns - Tui You
Straightjacket Fits - Whiteout
Grayson Gilmour - Sympathy for The Simple
Barnards Star - Terrabytes, Terrawatts and Terrafins
Enright House - Scattering the sun like Gunshot
JPS Experience - Bleeding star
Tall Dwarves - Nothings going to happen
The Dark Beats - In a coalmine

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