Monday, February 22, 2010

Wed, 19/5/2004

I thought I'd post some old Sheep Tech playlists, for a nice old reminisce.

sleepers union - now i am dead
spacedust - witch craft
goblin mix - travellers grave
the d4 - joe 90
surfing ussr - old sher

=uncharted- minisnap=

eskimo - twisted fruit
Luge - reality is just an illusion

=luge interview=

substandard - across blank motorways
darcy clay - jesus i was evil
greg malcom - loose woman
king loser - stairway to heaven
jean paul satre experience - bleeding star
luge - fall in deep
trinity roots -beautiful people
luge - dislocated brain

straitjacket fits - she speeds
The palace of wisdom - wise up to whats up
die! die! die! - la la la
the coolies - fake letter
the rainy days -love
the brunettes - boyracer
tall dwarfs - nothings going to happen
chris knox - inside story
phelps and munro - glib
barnards star - terrabytes, terrawatts and terra incognita
ghost club - late lament fire
loves ugly children - fear and loathing
nocturnal projections - neverends and powerlines.

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