Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Sheep Technique - 15 November 2017

With special guests James Sullivan and Luke Shaw, who talked about his limited edition record release for "Luke Shaw Plays His Greatest Hits", released tomorrow.

Shihad - You Again
Ounce - Satan II
Two Wolves - Misanthropes/Presented With A Proposition
Beastwars - When I'm King
Gaytime - You Put The Hex On Me (Supercharger cover) ~~~~cover corner~~~~
Toy Love - Rebel (live at The Cook 1980)
Darcy Clay - And It Was Easy
Teen Hygiene - Self-Diagnosing
Ron Gallipoli - Getting Paid
Luke Shaw - Hello
The Opawa 33 1/3rds - Sleepwalk '17
Roy Montgomery - You Always Get What You Deserve
Las Tetas - You're Not Invited
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing - A Fraud Abroad
Coyote - Hypnosis
Victor Dimisich Band - It's Cold Outside
Arthur Ahbez - Across The Glass
Tapeman - Land
Batrider - ha ha
PHF - Dog Eat Grass
Hussies - Miss Anthropy
Crocodiles - Tears
Headless Chickens - The Slice
Garbage And the Flowers - Carousel
Pumice - Stink Moon

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