Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Sheep Technique - Christchurch Music Special - July 26, 2017

Boyfriend - Lord Of The Flies
Darcy Clay - And It Was Easy
Best Bets - All Roads Lead Back
Megahertz - Tuesday
Fran - Stage Edit
Nervous Jerk - Post Dust
Log Horn Breed - Evils Face
The Wendys - Salmon Joe
BnP - Jamie Stratton's Live Exorcism
Loves Ugly Children - Senseless
Music Sucks - Critter
The Clean - Loog (what a fuckup! Not a Christchurch act!)
Daniel Madill - New England Drag
The Terminals - Frozen Car
T54 - Getting Uppers
The Dead C - Bad Politics
Black Market Art - I Want To Die
Alec Bathgate - In The Shadows
The Gordons - Coalminers Song
The Ruling Elite - Onion Song
Les Baxters - Call Centre

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