Monday, October 24, 2016

Sheep Technique 24th of October

Les Baxters - Call Centre
Anthony Drent & The Blood Of The Innocent - Take A Tour
Mermaidens - Dive

Rackets - Wash My Brain
Popstrangers - Rats in the Palm Trees
Shocking Pinks (Death and the Maiden Remix) - Dive

BARB - Please Don't Interrupt
Opposite Sex - Supermarket
Street Chant - Melbourne

Chris Knox - Song of the Good Wife
Able Tasmans - And We Swam The Magic Bay
Voom - You Were A Man

Space Dust - Ringing Endorsemant
SHAFT - Downhill Racer
Gordons - Machine Song

Sabine Wojnar - Empty Glass
Soft Hair - Lying Has To Stop
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Turn On

Nimbus - Galex
Clever Calvin - I Don't Know
Eli Driftwood - Johnnie Walker Blue

Jim Nothing - Zig Zag Blues
PHF (Feat. Emily Edrosa) - I Was A Kid
~ weird attempt at playing the weird auckland band that sounds no good lol ~
Terror of The Deep - Change Is Never Far Away

Kane Strang - Scarlett King Magnolia
Sillicon - Burning Sugar
Sister Something - The Gravy

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