Monday, July 11, 2016

The Sheep Technique - 11 July 2016

Megahertz - Tuesday
Aporia - Stereo Moon
Alec Bathgate - We're All Babies
Mother's Dearest - Fall Asleep
God Bows To Math - Ardent Pedestrian
Miss June - Anxiety On Repeat
Prizegiving - Okay Band
Yesses - Constants
Oscar Dowling - The Life
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Cool It
Spiel - Mary (Demo)
Secret Knives - My Arpeggio (Mint Chicks Cover)
Lawrence Arabia - Sweet Dissatisfaction
Madiera - Manipulator
~~forgot to write down a fe tracks~~~
God Bows To Math - The Only Good Fnord Is A Dead Fnord
Lukas Mayo - Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles Cover)
The Chills - Oncoming  Day (early version)
The Situations - No Worries
Shaft - Downhill Racer
~~forgot to write down a fe tracks~~~

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