Wednesday, September 28, 2011


1981 The Pin Goup - Ambivilence (Ambivilence 7")
1981 The Clean - Tally Ho (Tally Ho/Platapus 7")
1982 The Stones - Something New (Dunedin Double)
1982 The Builders - 1,000,000 Hearts (Beatin Hearts)
1983 The Verlaines - Death and the Maiden (Death and the Maiden 7")
1983 This Kind of Punishment - Two Minutes Drowning (This Kind of Punishment)
1984 The Chills - Pink Frost (Pink Frost/Purple Girl 7")
1984 The Great Unwashed - Neck of the Woods (Singles)
1985 Goblin Mix - Time Away (Goblin Mix EP)
1986 The Alpaca Brothers - The Lie (Legless EP)
1986 Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies - Randolphs Going Home (Randolphs Going Home 7")
1987 Look Blue Go Purple - Grace (LBGPEP2)
1987 Skeptics - AFFCO (III)
1988 Snapper - Buddy (Snapper EP)
1988 StraitJacket Fits - Life in One Chord (Hail)
1989 The Jean-Paul Satre Experience - Elemental (The Size of Food)
1989 The Dead C - Scary Nest (Eusa Kills)
1990 The Terminals - Uncoffined (Uncoffined)
1990 The Renderers - Bigger Than Texas (Trail of Tears)
1991 S.P.U.D. - Hit The Road (Gnaw)
1992 3D's - Helzapoppin (Helzapoppin)
1993 Chug - Flowers (Kisser EP)
1993 Headless Chickens - Gaskrankenstation (Body Blow)
1994 Loves Ugly Children - Falling Down (Cold Water Surf)
1995 The Bats - Afternoon in Bed (The Couchmaster)


  1. What about some Eric Glandy Big Band? How about the Toys? No not Toy Love fool, the Netherworld Dancin' Toys!
    Good set... great to hear Glenn Campbell's howl... Spud where the stuff... split milk all over the floor, spilt milk WAHHHHHHHH!
    With the first 15 years you could do a month of shows, such an amazing bunch of tunes. With Roger back and Bruce delving doing some archival digging it could be a fantastic next 15! Thanks for the great show - so many memories!
    By the way, did you know Roger issued Sonic Youth's Sister LP here? The Fall LP, live in Auckland is dope too... Hex Enduction Hour era Fall is just killer. Wish I'd been old enough to go... Nocturnal Projections opened, love those Jefferies bros.

  2. 'Flying In' was the best way to get hold of rekkids by Stereolab, Pavement, Ween, JSBX etc too...