Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The Mint Chicks - If My arm was a mic stand would you hold my hand? (Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! 2006)
Psych Tigers - T33NAGERS (Psych Tigers EP 2011)
Ther Great Unwashed - Neck of the woods (The Singles EP 1984)
This Kind Of Punishment - On various Days (In The Same Room 1987)
The Cakekitchen - Tell Me Why you Lie (Stompin through the boneyard 1994)
David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - Could Be On My Way (Left by Soft 2011)
The Victor Dimisich Band - Thirteenth Floor (The Victor Dimisich Band 1983)
Minisnap - The Big Blue Sky (Bounce Around 2008)
The Chills - Doledrums (Doledrums/Hidden Bay 7" 1984)
Popolice - Closer Now (Forceback 2005)
Ghostwave - Sunsetter (Ghostwave EP 2011)
Barnards Star - Arc Infinity (Barnards Star 1999)
Peter Wright - Wonderful (Yellow Horizon 2005)
Dear Times Waste - And so I was Returning (Spells 2010)
Popstrangers - Happy Accidents (Happy Accidents 2010)
Paper Ghost - Screaming Slogans (The Teledermatologist Handbook 2010)
James Duncan and Chelsea Jade - Skyfall (Single 2010)
Jon Lemmon - The Inside of a Corner (Kindling EP 2010)
Chaos in the CBD - Something you Got (The Moving Image EP 2011)
So So Modern - The Worst is yet to come (Crude Futures 2010)
King Loser - Matchstick Men (Tie Us Down 7"1993)
3D's - Man on the verge of a nervous Breakdown (The Venus Trail 1993)
T54 - KFC Crushers (Winter Collection 2011)

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