Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sorry for the two week gap, earthquakes and essays got to us. Here's tonight's playlist

Norma O'Malley - Cruella (Shrew'd Compilation 1993)
Surf City - Kudos (Kudos 2010)
The Sneaks - Scenester (The Sneaks 2007)
Shocking Pinks - Emily (Mathematical Warefare 2005)
Connan Mockasin - Egon Hosford (Please Turn me Into the Snat 2010)
No Aloha - Awake for too long (No Aloha 2011)
Secret Knives - The Thief (The Wolves 2008)
Glass Vaults - Forget me not (Glass EP 2010)
Peter Jefferies & Stephen Kilroy - Crossover (Crossover 7" 1993)
The Dance Asthmatics - Siotwave (Homebake demos 2010)
God Bows To Math - The Unbearable Lightness of Being Sober (Solar Lights Don't Work at Night 2011)
Solid Gold Hell - Heavenly Chaser (The Blood and the Pity 1996)
The Dead C - Sky (Harsh 70s Reality 1992)
Brains - Age (Constant Love Forever 2011)
Shortlived - I, Terrorist (Self Titled 2009)
Rackets - Cagefighter (Friends 2010)
Sets - Lonely Raccoon (Homemade Sets Tape 2008)
Nevernudes - White Teethed Teens (Creepy Crawlies 2010)
The Max Block - Burn David Burn (Max Block 1986)
Toy Love - Pull Down the Shades (Toy Love 1980)
Stephen - Glover (Radar of Small Dogs 1993)
Heazlewood - Surfs up in Malibu (Surfs up in Malibu 1993)
Goblin Mix - Up from the Sink I spy/ Fruit of the Womb (The Birth and Death of Goblin Mix 1986)
Sombretones - Good Evening Listeners (The Sombretones 1990)
The Bears - I am a dog (Lions and Tigers and Bears 2010)
The Weeds - Wheatfields (Wheatfields 7" 1985)
James Duncan - Colours (Hello-fi 2009)
Sun and The Wolf - You (White Buffalo 2011)
The Shocking and Stunning - Hercules Against the Moon Men (The Shocking and Stunning Statement 2010)
Basketball Nightmare - Comfortable (Nervous Energy 2009)
Seth and Merle - Incubate my Friend (Incubate my Friend EP 2008)
The Body Lyre - Sex Acts for sisters (December Marches 2009)

You can download this show here

Also if you live in Christchurch come to the Launch of RDU's new mobile studio the RDUnit here

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