Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The Gordons - Coalminer Song
The Sneaks - Christina Says
Sharpie Crows - I'll haunt you
Sets - Holy Premolar
Die Die Die - Howye (live at calh 2010)
Squirm - She's a rocket
David Mitchell - Dead Dog in port Chalmers
The Phoenix Foundation - Going Fishing
Look Blue Go Purple - I dont want you anyway
Wet Wings - beach Party
The Shocking And Stunning statement - Killer Shrews
Pikachunes - SMS
Goldenaxe - No Days Off
Tommy Ill - bill cosby
T54 - Birds
Toy Love - Squeeze
God Bows To math - She Lacks Integrity
Damsels - Tactics
So So Modern - upgrade you chasis (It's a pythagorean party)
Yokel Ono - Cut and Paste Music for Adults
Darcy Clay - All I Gotta Do
Mammel Airlines - Emily 2.0
Ghost club - Sea Shaped Stone
Black Market art - I want to Die
Minisnap - In My pocket (gasonline cowboy remix)
Secret Knives - the Wolves
The undercurrents - Wish upon a star
The Body Lyre - Sex Act for Sisters
Over the Atlantic - Kevin shields
Cassette - Marty Squire
Barnards Star - Gulfstream

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